Roof Repair Versus Replacement: What to Consider

Roof Repair Rosemeyer Roofing

Rosemeyer Roofing specializes in new roof installation and roof repair. As you look over your home or business when looking to make improvements, don’t forget about the appearance and function of your roof! Does your roof look good and work well? If not, you might start thinking about getting some work done. In today’s blog, Rosemeyer Roofing discusses factors that help you decide between a roof repair or replacement.


The age of your roof is one main factor when it comes to roof repair or replacement. If it’s 20 to 30 years old, you might consider replacing your roof if it’s made of asphalt tiles that many manufacturers prefer. However, if you replace your roof too soon, you may waste money on your investment because your existing roof still has 5 to 10 good years left in it. A few simple repairs can improve how your roof functions if it’s already in good shape.  

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Length of Ownership

How long you plan to stay in your home plays a role in the roof repair versus replacement debate. If you want to sell soon, say in the next year or so, roof repair can take care of some minor issues with a roof that’s in relatively good condition. Roof replacement works well for long-term ownership over the next 20 to 30 years. You can also cash in on your investment if you plan to sell by increasing your home’s value and curb appeal.

Damage or Leaks

The most common reason for roof repair comes from damage or leaks. These typically happen when bad weather hits. Strong winds may blow roofing tiles or asphalt shingles off of the roof. Tree limbs could puncture the surface. Flashing, or the joints where the roof meets your chimney or stovepipe, could also become damaged and start to leak when ice penetrates these areas. If the damage is minor, a roof repair is probably a good idea if your roof isn’t too old. If your roofing material is beyond its normal lifespan and it becomes damaged, consider investing in a totally new roof.  

Adding Value

Roof repair is an excellent choice for a temporary solution. However, a new roof is excellent for adding value to your home when you’re ready to sell. Different types of roofing material can make your attic more efficient and lower your utility bills. Roofing material, such as fireproof tiles, can lower your home insurance premiums. A new roof lets you save money over time.

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Roof Repair from Rosemeyer Roofing

Rosemeyer Roofing is a family-owned business and a trusted name. We earn your business through fantastic customer service, highly trained workers, and top-quality products. We specialize in new roof installation, roof repair, and vinyl siding. If you need a roof repair or emergency service, contact us or give us a call at (513) 738-4992 in Ohio or (812) 637-2062 in Indiana to request a quote.

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