5 Questions to Ask Roofing Specialists Before Hiring

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Having a new roof installed on your home or business is a big decision. The investment pays off in the long run with added value to your property, a new look to the building, and perhaps lower utility bills due to better efficiency. Rosemeyer Roofing highlights five questions to ask roofing specialists ahead of hiring a firm to install a new roof.

What Types of Insurance Do You Carry?

Roofing specialists and contractors should have workers’ compensation and liability insurance while crews work on your building. This insurance protects the homeowner or business owner in case an accident happens. Otherwise, you may be on the hook for any damage. Rosemeyer Roofing is insured, and we strive for complete satisfaction in every job we do.

Who Oversees the Work at my Property?

Some roofing specialists hire subcontractors or have managers without a lot of experience in the roofing industry. That’s not how we do things at Rosemeyer Roofing. One of our owners, either Doug or Tony Rosemeyer, personally oversee every team and every project that installs roofs. We answer your questions honestly and forthrightly, so you understand precisely what happens when we work on your property. We have nearly 20 years of experience in the industry.

What References Do You Have?

Experienced roofing specialists should have plenty of references for potential clients. Testimonials on a website are a good start, but those might not offer enough details. Quality roofing companies provide names and numbers of satisfied businesses who had work done on their property. 

Homeowners are a different story, because roofing companies need to protect their privacy. However, some owners might have sent letters to the roofing company thanking them for a job well done. Roofing specialists may also ask permission to use homeowners’ names in future marketing materials or when providing references.

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Do You Offer Financing?

Financing is a big issue for homeowners because installing a new roof is a significant expense. Roofing specialists may offer to finance your project through local or national banks. Rosemeyer Roofing has financing options for you when you consider hiring us for your home improvement project. 

What Kind of Warranty Does a New Roof Have?

Manufacturers offer warranties based on their products, and they typically last around 25 years. Roofing specialists may warranty labor for a specific time, usually up to a year. Rosemeyer Roofing is a Master Elite, factory-certified installer through GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America. GAF warranties all of its products based on the materials the roof is made of.

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Rosemeyer Roofing: A Trusted Name in Greater Cincinnati

The roofing specialists at Rosemeyer Roofing are insured, and we answer all of your questions before, during, and after we do our work for you. Call us at (513) 738-4992 in Ohio or (812) 637-2062 in Indiana, or contact us online, for a quote.

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