Understanding the Different Types of House Siding

House Siding New Siding

Rosemeyer Roofing specializes in home improvement projects. We install roof shingles, engage in roof repair, and put new siding on residential homes in Greater Cincinnati. When you consider house siding for your building, you have plenty of viable options when it comes to durable, beautiful materials. Rosemeyer Roofing explains the different types of house siding available on the market today.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding represents a popular choice for property owners. It is the most affordable, compared to other kinds of house siding. Vinyl siding is easy to install because it comes in long, narrow slats that fit easily together. Vinyl also comes in a wide range of colors. Homeowners need to wash vinyl siding occasionally after dirt and grime build up on the panels.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement house siding is extremely durable, has low maintenance, and is made of sturdy materials. It’s also fire- and bug-resistant. Because fiber cement is heavier than vinyl siding, it requires more labor to install. However, the results are beautiful and resilient, ensuring that you get colorful and durable house siding that lasts for 30 years or more.

Brick and Synthetic Stone

Brick and synthetic stone house siding combine the best of masonry’s sturdiness and easy installation of slats of material. Brick is heavy and requires reinforcement against the building’s structure. Synthetic stone looks like real stone, but it’s much cheaper than real stone masonry. Both brick and synthetic stone house siding are more expensive compared to vinyl siding, fiber cement, and wood. However, the results last for many decades. 

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The natural appearance of wood house siding appeals to many homeowners looking for a traditional appearance. Wood siding is easy to install, and contractors can cut slats to fit perfectly onto the side of your home. Quality wood siding costs more compared to manufactured materials, and there is a lot of maintenance involved to protect the siding against termites, bugs, rot, and woodpeckers.

House Siding from Rosemeyer Roofing

Rosemeyer Roofing’s experienced roofing specialists install roof shingles, metal roofs, and new siding in homes in the Greater Cincinnati area. Call us at (812) 637-2062 in Indiana or (513) 738-4992 in Ohio for more information on house siding. Or fill out our online form to request a quote.

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