How New Residential Siding Saves You Money

Residential Siding Rosemeyer Roofing

New residential siding looks great on your home. You can improve your current color scheme, replace old or worn siding, and completely renew your entire home’s appearance. Upgraded siding can also save you money over the time you own your home. Rosemeyer Roofing explains how new residential siding saves you money. 

1. No Painting

If you’ve ever painted something before, you know how long it takes. First, you have to make sure the surface is clean. Then you paint one coat and let it dry. Next, you paint another coat and then see if the paint dries to the color you want. Imagine doing this for the entire exterior of the house. New residential siding from Rosemeyer Roofing requires no painting for the life of the product, unless you choose wood siding for a vintage feel.

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2. Lower Replacement and Repair Costs

Unless there is storm damage, most new residential siding doesn’t need repairs. Vinyl siding, when installed properly by Rosemeyer Roofing, may last for 20 to 30 years. Stone and shingle siding could last even longer. The longer your siding lasts, the lower your replacement costs become. Fewer replacements over the life of your home reduces the amount of cash needed for new siding.

3. Lower Utility Bills 

New residential siding gives you a chance to add insulation to your exterior walls. Rosemeyer Roofing installs a layer of insulation beneath the siding to reduce heat transfer between the wall and your home. Make sure your interior insulation is also up to par to receive the greatest cost savings from new residential siding.

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4. Increased Home Value

You want to get the highest price possible when you sell your home. New residential siding may recover as much as 75 percent of its cost due to increased home value. Consider a trendy color or a neutral hue to make your home stand out on the block. Homes that look great and stand out receive more interest from buyers.

Residential Siding by Rosemeyer Roofing

Talk to the experts at Rosemeyer Roofing about new residential siding. We’re a trusted name in the Greater Cincinnati area with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. Contact Rosemeyer Roofing now or call (513) 738-4992 in Ohio or (812) 637-2062 in Indiana.

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