Common Types of Roof Repair in Cincinnati

Roof Repair in Cincinnati Rosemeyer Roofing

Our experienced roofing specialists have seen all sorts of roof damage and roof repair. Cincinnati-area residents face all kinds of problems with hail, wind, winter snows, and animals that damage roofs every year. Today’s blog from Rosemeyer Roofing showcases the common types of roof repair in Cincinnati that you may face as a home or business owner.

Shingle Replacement

Shingle replacement represents one of the most common types of roof repair in Cincinnati. Strong winds during spring or fall storms can blow off shingles, even on a new roof if the winds are powerful enough. Our team can replace those shingles quickly to prevent any damage to the structure beneath your roof.

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Flashing Replacement or Improvement

Traditional flashing against a chimney or skylight usually consists of roofing tar and little else. The exposed roofing tar may leak over time, even if someone put down a thick layer. Rosemeyer Roofing can upgrade old flashing with new metal flashing as part of roof repair in Cincinnati. New flashing can prevent leaks and structural damage without replacing your entire roof, especially if your roof is 10 years old or newer.

Nailing Down

Perhaps strong winds caused some shingles to come loose, but the shingles didn’t blow off completely. Maybe you notice a row of shingles that looks weird because the wind blew them upwards. Rosemeyer Roofing can inspect your roof for damage, and we can nail down any shingles that came loose during a storm. This kind of roof repair in Cincinnati is similar to shingle replacement in that it’s fairly simple to take care of.

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Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are the most expensive type of roof repair in Cincinnati. That’s because you may have to replace several roof shingles, install new flashing, clean up your ceiling, and install new structural framing in your roof. Rosemeyer Roofing can diagnose a roof leak, determine where it’s coming from, and then solve the problem without necessarily installing an entirely new roof. 

Roof Repair in Cincinnati by Rosemeyer Roofing

For nearly 20 years, Rosemeyer Roofing has been a trusted name for roof repair in Cincinnati. We take care of residential and commercial roofing all over the Greater Cincinnati area, including Indiana cities of Aurora, Brookville, Dillsboro, Greendale, Guilford, Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg, Manchester, Sunman, and West Harrison. We also service Ohio towns of Bridgetown, Cheviot, Cleves, Colerain, Delhi, Hamilton, Harrison, Okeana, Ross, Western Hills, and White Oak. 

Contact Rosemeyer Roofing for more details, or call (513) 738-4992 in Ohio or (812) 637-2062 in Indiana.

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